The Rules

During my survey of various Web logs and other electronic media, I have privately commented on aspects of blog construction/style which I view as inappropriate or a misuse of the medium. Furthermore, I have personal convictions about blogging (and commentary/writing of any type, for that matter) which will affect the way I communicate herein.

In creating my own blog, I am determined to adhere to certain standards, not just for the purpose of remaining blameless in my own mind, but for the purpose of producing an overall high-quality product. I do not view this attempt as “conforming to the masses” or “not wanting to offend.” Quite the contrary. Those rules which I use, all bloggers would be wise to consider, in my opinion.

Here are the rules to which The Modern Dash will adhere:

  • The Topic – This is a topic-based blog. While it takes the form of the “first person” in the sense that I am personally commenting on the topic, I will not stray from the topic. If you’re reading my blog, it’s because you value Modernism ( I hope), not because you care about my take on current events.
  • The Argument – I should make every attempt to avoid unsound or overreaching conclusions. Ideally, a conclusion is based on solid evidence, or facts. I will attempt to always use the bottom-up approach, i.e., look at the subject, and make an observation (as opposed to making a comment and finding evidence to support it. Also, though I believe everything has a right answer, I acknowledge that, at times, we are unable to fully see that answer, and that the “gray areas” are a reality of human existence.
  • The Reference – Everything needs a reference. I will do everything I can to describe from where I derive information, and I will attempt to make that information “primary”, i.e., having been seen by my own eyes (or from my own library). It is important to me that all authors are credited when I use or comment on their material. See The List page for a comprehensive list of primary sources that I have used.
  • The Hyperlink – While references are needed, a hyperlink is a tricky one. How many other references (probably unaccounted for) are on that other blog or article to which I have linked? I will be using hyperlinks, but only when absolutely necessary and if I am comfortable extending the quality of my argument to include whatever appears within the link in question.
  • The Image – Like the hyperlink, the image is a powerful tool for influencing the overall impression (or Image, with a capital “I”) that is conveyed. Oftentimes, images presented in electronic media are not directly associated with the content. My images will be “primary” in the sense that I will first consider the degree to which they may influence the impression of my content before posting.
  • The Post – Generally, I want my posts to be concise, yet content-dense. Readable, yes. I want you to be able to read one of my posts in one sitting.

Please keep these concepts in mind, and call me out if you believe that I have not lived up to them. Use the comments field below to make recommendations.

As The Modern Dash evolves and I learn more about both the topic and the medium by which the topic is presented, I may edit The Rules.


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